Is RateBlend a Spreadsheet Program?

RateBlend is not a spreadsheet program, it is a simple commercial real estate web-based calculator, in which you enter the property and financial details of your transaction to quickly calculate effective rents. All without need to download or install spreadsheet software.

Why Should I use RateBlend?

RateBlend is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. This means you can access it from your favorite desktop computer or SmartPhone web browser. You can be at a client’s office and use RateBlend to help you close a deal.

Can I Access RateBlend from my SmartPhone?

Yup! You can access RateBlend from any SmartPhone web browser. There are also native SmartPhone apps underway. So, hang tight!

How Does RateBlend Make Money?

RateBlend is based on a freemium revenue model. This means that what is available for free on the web today will continue to be free. In the future, we will release enhanced features that require payment.

Is My Information Safe and Private?

Yes. The security, privacy and confidentiality of your information is our top priority. Please read our “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Agreement” for more information